Lasersko odstranjevanje zilic


Safe removal of blood vessels on the face or legs

A laser acts by making the tissue absorb laser light, which mostly converts into heat. When removing tiny blood vessels, the laser targets toxyhaemoglobin. Laser light selectively overheats the vascular wall and selectively destroys dilated blood vessels. The best method to remove tiny blood vessels on the face is by means of a PDL laser, which can be used to treat tiny blood vessels (telangiectasia), rosacea and senile angiomas. This method acts on the blood vessels up to the depth of approximately 1.5 mm. The Nd:YAG laser acts at the deepest level and is able to remove the most persistent blood vessels on the legs up to a depth of several millimetres.

At the SKIN centre, we trust the lasers made by the acknowledged American manufacturer Cynosure. Its research and innovations that ensure high effectiveness and safety put Cynosure among the top global manufacturers. We also use lasers that have been declared the most effective for blood vessel removal in many studies published in renowned medical journals. Because cooling is essential to reduce complications and relieve pain, we have specific additional cooling systems in place.

Laser removal of blood vessels is effective, safe and, for most patients, painless. A minor pain can be felt during therapy at the site of the laser action. Sometimes, the laser removal of the blood vessels must be repeated and the number of repetitions depends on several factors, but mostly on the size of the vessels. All the procedures are performed by a SKIN specialist dermatovenerologist. We will discuss the treatment with you thoroughly before the procedure.


  • Laser removal, one blood vessel – EUR 30
  • Laser removal of blood vessels, face, smaller area – EUR 70
  • Laser removal of blood vessels, face, large area – EUR 150
  • Laser removal of blood vessels, legs, both shins or thighs – EUR 100
  • Laser removal of blood vessels, both legs – up to EUR 190
  • Laser removal of blood vessels, nose – EUR 70
  • Laser removal of blood vessels, neck – EUR 90




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