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A chemical peel may improve the quality and surface of the skin by stimulating the exfoliation of old, sun-damaged cells. It also helps relieve the appearance of fine lines. The resurfaced skin is softer and its texture is improved.

Medical peels are performed by a qualified doctor in a controlled environment. There are several types of medical peels. Usually, we use peels with fruit acids such as  glycolic acid. The depth of the peel depends on the concentration of the acid. Superficial peels are an excellent solution for those with a busy lifestyle. The procedure itself doesn’t take long and the recovery is fast, so you can go back to work as soon as the next day. In the next few days, the skin sheds, which may be alleviated by proper skin care.

The specialists at the SKIN centre are always there to discuss your wishes and expectations and to suggest the best peel depending on the condition of your skin.


  • Peel with fruit acids – EUR 80




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