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When the first wrinkles appear on the face we tend to look older, more tired, even sad. Ageing is a natural process. As the years go by, skin is becoming less elastic and more sensitive. It starts producing less oil, becomes dehydrated and consequently wrinkled. Wrinkles occur due to exposure to UV light, which destroys supportive skin tissues such as collagen and elastin, thus enhancing the ageing processes. In addition to sunbathing, smoking also intensifies wrinkles as it changes the blood supply in the skin and speeds up the ageing process. Finally, repetitive facial movements form small wrinkles under the skin, which gradually grow deeper and deeper.

Preventing and smoothing wrinkles is a complex procedure. You can do a lot just by quitting smoking and protecting yourself against the sun. At the SKIN centre, there are many procedures available that will help you prevent the wrinkles from forming and deepening. Usually, botulinum toxin or dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid are applied. Botulinum weakens specific facial muscles, while dermal fillers replace the lack of volume below the wrinkles, making them smoother and giving you back your youthful appearance. The effect is visible for several months.


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