Life with psoriasis can be made easier
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease with typical skin changes manifested as red, desquamating plaques and thickened skin. The disease is incurable, but there are several types of treatment available to improve the condition of the skin or even eliminate the lesions.

The disease is unpleasant because the changes are generally quite noticeable. A recent method developed to improve the condition of the skin used for minor lesions is laser treatment. At the SKIN centre we use a vascular laser, which selectively acts on the treated areas. The condition improves significantly and patient satisfaction is high. Laser treatment of psoriasis at the SKIN centre is safe and effective. After the procedure, you should avoid the sun or use an appropriate sunscreen (SPF 30+).


  • Laser treatment of psoriasis, plaque up to 10 cm in diameter – EUR 70
  • Laser treatment of psoriasis, two plaques up to 5 cm in diameter – EUR 70




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