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Sweating causes a lot of discomfort to many people. It may also be the first sign of a disease or just an unwanted side effect of some medications.

When sweating is excessive

Some people suffer from excessive sweating every day, which manifests itself in wet sweat stains on a shirt. This condition is referred to as primary axial hyperhidrosis when the body produces more sweat than is needed for the regulation of body temperature. Excessive sweating is categorised according to how it affects our everyday life and activities.

Sweating is good.  Most of the time…

Sweating is a normal response of the organism to heat since sweat secretion regulates body temperature, or to put it differently; the body cools itself by sweating. The fact is that there are between 2 and 4 million sweat glands on our body.

When the sweating is “normal”

It is difficult to talk about what normal sweating is because some people sweat more than others and we cannot compare ourselves to other people. If how much you sweat bothers you, it may be time to talk with the dermatologist, who will recommend the most convenient therapy to reduce excessive sweating.

Are antiperspirants and deodorants sufficient?

Not always. However, these are the first products which most people who suffer from hyperhidrosis try. These products block sweat glands and reduce the quantity of sweat coming on the skin. In addition, deodorants control the unpleasant smell caused by sweating. If these products are not effective enough for you, it might be time to ask your dermatologist about other options to deal with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating therapy.

What does hyperhidrosis therapy look like?

After a consultation with the dermatologist, the doctor will assess if there are any health issues and then recommend the best treatment for you. In most cases, treatment is performed by inserting  the medicine with a small needle into the armpit area with 10 to 15 small stitches, which will reduce the functioning of the sweat gland. The medicine reduces the innervation of the sweat glands thereby reducing their activity.

How quickly can I notice the effects? How long will the effects last?

The effect is noticeable after 2 to 4 weeks. Sweating is reduced for 6 to 8 months.

What is hyperhidrosis therapy at the SKIN center?

At the SKIN center, we will first discuss the problem thoroughly, then we will provide you with a diagnosis or refer you to see another. If sweating is only an inconvenience without any pathological risks, we can offer you the most effective treatment. We apply the medicine into the area where sweating is most intense, which is most often under the armpits.

In order to achieve the best result using the least number of doses we at the SKIN centre will first perform a test. Based on the test results, we will then define the areas where sweating is most pronounced. The test is quick and sensitive. The application procedure itself is almost painless, quick and with rare side effects.


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