Advanced and painless examination of your birthmarks
We advise you to have your birthmarks examined when you see that a particular birthmark has changed, that a new one has appeared or if you have many birthmarks. We monitor them in order to distinguish between benign and atypical birthmarks and to detect melanoma  at an early stage of the disease when treatment is highly successful. This is performed by means of dermatoscopy, an advanced method that has significantly contributed to the diagnostics and early detection of changes.

Birthmarks are first examined with the naked eye and then with a dermatoscope, which displays the changes magnified up to 40 times. It also allows us to observe the lower layers of the epidermis and the dermoepidermal border. By means of dermatoscopy, the early stages of the melanoma and other forms of dangerous skin growths are detected much quicker.

Dermatoscopic imaging with a high-resolution camera is called digital dermatoscopy.

At the SKIN centre, we pay special attention to an early detection of skin tumours. With our advanced expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we can provide careful monitoring that prevents an unnecessary resection of the birthmarks. Dermatoscopy can assist in deciding on what to do next.


  • Examination of birthmarks with dermatoscopy – EUR 90




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