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Would you like to have your body hair permanently removed?

You are not the only one who is inconvenienced by unwanted body hair. Many people find that they spend too much time removing body hair because they want their skin to feel smooth but the hair grows back so quickly. Fortunately, now you no longer have to spend so much time and energy on body hair removal. At the SKIN dermatological centre, we use a laser to successfully remove your body hair. Five to eight laser treatments performed within a period of 4 to 8 weeks are needed to successfully and permanently remove body hair. In order to continue having smooth skin in the future, we recommend one laser treatment per year.

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The most efficient method to achieve smoothness.lasersko odstranjevanje dlak

The laser uses highly concentrated energy to reach the hair follicle, which it destroys through the release of energy. Laser energy is attracted by the pigment in the hair just as sun beams are attracted to dark clothes, which is why the laser works best on strong and dark hair on a pale complexion. But, laser treatment is also successful on people who do not have all the right predispositions.  As we always adjust the laser hair removal process to each individual, we are offering you a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, which is needed to achieve the best possible results.

After the laser treatment, the hairs will fall out within a period of one to three weeks.  You will also notice fewer hairs coming out already after the first therapy. Then, after each treatment, there will be even fewer hairs.

Who do I trust?

Laser hair removal is offered by various beauty salons, however, most  do not use a laser but rather equipment which is much less effective. Laser hair removal is an intervention into your body, so complications are not wanted, which is why you should have your treatment performed at a dermatological clinic that uses lasers of the highest quality handled by medical professionals.

The most effective PATH to smooth skin

There are many ways to remove body hair such as shaving, waxing, electrolysis or chemical hair-removal. But, laser removal is growing in popularity because it is highly effective and safe when used by experienced medical personnel.

How the laser removes hair?

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) emits light with a single wavelength, producing a focused monochromatic beam. When used for hair removal, the laser acts on the melanin (skin pigment) in the hair follicle. Its action is particularly important in relation to the part of the hair follicle containing stem cells because when they are destroyed, the hair cannot regrow. In the early active growth phase, hair is most susceptible to the laser because it contains large amounts of pigment on which the beam acts. But not all hair is in the same growth phase at once because it grows in cycles. The aim of laser therapy is to stop this growth cycle for the long-term.

The course of laser treatment

The laser only acts on the actively growing hair, i.e. which is in the anagenous phase. That is why several therapies are needed to remove hair permanently and it cannot be done in just one visit. Three to eight visits with a four- to eight-week interval usually suffices to obtain permanently smooth skin. The exact number of visits and their frequency will depend on the location of the hair growth. The procedure is quick and usually painless. Most of those who have tried it consider it much less painful than waxing or plucking. During the procedure, you might feel a burning sensation at the site of the laser action. The pain is much less intense if the instrument uses an appropriate and high-tech cooling system, which is one of the most important features of an excellent laser.

In order to achieve the desired results with a minimum number of treatments, an individualised plan is made for you at the SKIN centre, including the expected number of visits and the required intervals. A laser that best suits you is selected according to your skin type and complexion. Thanks to the latest research, now anyone can have their hair removed including those with the fairest and darkest complexion. In order to achieve this, advanced lasers with variable wavelengths are necessary. These are lasers from recognised brands ensuring two essential things: a high level of safety and high efficiency. The Alexandrite laser (with a wavelength of 755 nm) and the Nd:YAG laser (with a wavelength of 1064 nm; particularly effective for darker skin) are most commonly used for this purpose. Some beauty centres use IPL instruments, but these are not lasers, so they cannot perform laser hair removal.

TRUST Only the best

Before making a decision to have your body hair removed with a laser, you should obtain information about the equipment used for the treatment as well as who will be using it. Unfortunately, there are many low-quality lasers produced by unrecognised manufacturers present on the Slovenian market whose quality and safety are questionable. Adverse effects may develop after treatment with any equipment, but they are significantly less common with approved and certified equipment manufactured by companies that invest a lot in the research and therefore have state-of-the-art safety and cooling systems in place.

In addition to high quality equipment, it is very important that your treatment is performed by qualified medical professionals. As easy and non-risky as it may sound, laser treatment is a procedure on the body. Medical professionals will know how to select the best treatment parameters to ensure high efficacy of the treatment, and will also be able to recognise any adverse effects, knowing how and when to start treating them. That is why it is essential that you talk to the doctor before the first laser treatment. Specific types of hairiness may be a sign of an undiagnosed disease such as endocrinopathy (impaired function of the endocrine glands), or may be an adverse drug reaction. Before the procedure, all skin lesions and birthmarks on the area to be treated should be examined and appropriately protected. If the doctor finds anything else that might be dangerous, they will perform a surgical resection with a histopathological examination.

Some instructions before the procedure

You shouldn’t expose yourself to sunlight four weeks before the anticipated laser hair removal as the skin should not be tanned. Use high-SPF sunscreens (at least SPF 30). Also, you shouldn’t pluck or wax the hair three weeks before the treatment and between procedures, but you may shave it.

Laser hair removal is highly effective and safe if is performed by professionals such as those of the SKIN dermatological centre. Most adverse effects are transitory and have no permenent consequences. At the SKIN centre, we use the strongest and safest lasers with the highest level of precision. Such lasers are also used by experts at the most prestigious clinics around the world, including Harley Street in London and Fifth Avenue in New York.


  • Chin/upper lip, women – EUR 70
  • Chin, men – EUR 125
  • Armpits – EUR 90
  • Shin – EUR 150
  • Full leg – EUR 225
  • Half back – EUR 100
  • Full back – EUR 190
  • Bikini – EUR 125



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