Our clinic employs a group of dermatologists who specialise in various skin diseases. SKIN is a modern centre for dermatology and aesthetic medicine designed to meet your needs as it combines the most advanced technology with comprehensive individual counselling. The purpose of our centre is to provide services that contribute to a healthy skin as a result of overall well-being, good appearance, and a healthy lifestyle. That is why the centre features an innovative design where you will have the privacy and comfort you need.

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A strong-willed partner for a healthy skin. 

We provide services related to:

  1. Diagnostics and the treatment of warts. Warts are treated with liquid nitrogen, a therapy called cryotherapy or with laser therapy. After the first consultation and depending on the location of the warts, the dermatologist will recommend the most suitable therapy.
  2. Diagnostics and treatment of genital warts;
  3. Examinations of skin spots– if you have a skin spot that has changed, the doctor might suspect skin cancer, so you may want to have it removed;
  4. Removal of skin spots and other skin protuberances. Numerous protuberances frequently appear on the skin in middle-aged adults such as stalk-like skin tags, seborrheic keratoses or as “old age warts” on the body or the face. The dermatologist will first identify the type of the skin protuberance and will advise you on the most suitable method for its removal;
  5. Dermatitis or skin inflammations– various allergies or reactions show themselves on the skin, breaking out due to the skin’s contact with the substances applied to the skin;
  6. Psoriasis;
  7. Fungal inflammations of the skin or nails;
  8. Pustulationor acne;
  9. Removal of virus protuberances(molluscum or warts) in children;
  10. Skin cancer;
  11. Lower limb vascular diseases– phlebology (we also perform the ultrasound of the veins of the lower limbs);
  12. Laser removal of the veins on the face and legs;
  13. Laser hair removal(face, legs, bikini area, etc.);
  14. Excessive hair loss/alopecia and diseases of the nails, skin, and other diseases.

A dermatologist treats the skin, hair, and nails. The skin is the largest human organ, which protects us against environmental effects and dehydration, regulates our body temperature and protects us against harmful microbes.

Dermatology is a special field of medicine that deals with normal skin and all the diseases that are manifested on the skin. The dermatologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats skin diseases in children from birth, adults, and the elderly. We identify and treat various types of benign skin protuberances, precancerous conditions and skin cancer.

Dermatologists diagnose and treat more than 3,000 various skin diseases.

Since we are highly trained skin specialists, we are the right people to advise you on  cosmetic products that are right for your skin.

We are experts in skin diseases and skin conditions related to aging of the skin, so we can also advise you on aesthetic surgery. We can recommend you the right wrinkle removal therapy, tell you how to make your complexion glow and achieve a rejuvenated and fresher appearance of the skin and how to remove excessive redness or pigmentation of the face skin.

The dermatologists in the SKIN centre will provide you with holistic advice on how to once again get a fresh, natural, youthful, and healthy appearance.

We believe in finding the beauty that is inside you rather than changing you into a different person.


  • Dermatological examination (for a single pathological condition) – EUR 70
  • Dermatological condition, brief re-examination – EUR 50



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