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The vision of the SKIN centre is based on classical and timeless beauty. We strive to achieve a distinct lip line without excessive volume. Rather than creating new shapes on your face, we emphasise the natural shape of your lips.

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an advanced approach for more beautiful lips


By administering hyaluronic acid-based filler the natural beauty of your lips come to life. We use this treatment in younger people when the clear line between the lips and the surrounding skin area disappears and the lips lose their shine. In older persons, this procedure is performed when the loss of volume leads to what looks like an almost complete disappearance of the lips.

Lip augmentation is performed by applying dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid into the edge of the lips or into the centre of the lips, depending on the lip shape of the individual. The lip augmentation procedure takes about 30 minutes.

At the SKIN centre we always take the time to discuss your wishes and expectations, so that we can set the goals together. The administration is quick and safe and, while the effect is readily visible, it becomes even more pronounced within the next few days. The specialists at the SKIN centre use certified fillers only.

Everyone who comes to SKIN dermatology for an aesthetic consultation for the first time receives an analysis of the complete face. Together we discuss which parts you are not happy with and which features we can improve. At the same time the dermatologist will also explain beauty standards and give recommendations on how you can approach them. We often experience that patients would like to have larger lips only to find that what they would need is in fact the shaping of their chin or a reduction of the fine lines around their lips. In this way, patients can postpone a lip procedure.

For shaping the lips, we like to use dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is otherwise a natural composite substance of the skin.



  • Dermal filler with hyaluronic acid for lip-shaping (0.55 ml) – EUR 320

Before                                                                                                                          After

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Before                                                                                                                           After

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