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In non-surgical treatment, laser removal of the visible smaller blood vessels in the legs plays an important role (link to dilated blood vessels in the legs). With this method, precise and focused laser energy is converted into heat within the blood vessel, which damages the vascular wall and finally blocks the blood vessel. The blood vessel or vascular plexus is no longer visible. The laser acts on the blood vessels across the skin and does not damage the skin, so there is no bleeding or open wounds after the procedure.

The method used at the SKIN centre is unique in the laser world. We use simultaneous treatment with two lasers, which enables higher laser penetration and treatment of blood vessels at different skin levels simultaneously. An effective cooling system is in place, so the procedure is painless for most patients. You might feel a slight burning sensation at the site of the laser action.

Laser removal of blood vessels in the legs is quick. Blood vessels become darker after the procedure and disappear within a few months. If they don’t disappear after a single procedure, the treatment is repeated after a few months. You can go back to work immediately after the treatment. We ensure you that laser treatment of blood vessels in the legs at the SKIN centre is safe and effective. After the procedure, you should avoid the sun or use an appropriate sunscreen (SPF 30+).


  • Laser removal of blood vessels, legs, both shins or thighs – EUR 100
  • Laser removal of blood vessels, both legs – up to EUR 190




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