Counteract the congenital flaws
One of the first laser-treated diseases was port wine stain, a congenital vascular malformation that manifests as a red mark on the face or trunk. It is caused by capillary malformations and appears in up to 0.5 per cent of newborns. The surface area of vascular birthmarks increases with age as it is gradually becoming thicker and darker.

It can only be treated using a laser. If treated in childhood, the recovery can be complete. The success of the treatment depends on the size of the change and its location on the body. For most patients, the procedure is painless and only minor discomfort is present. Several treatments performed by a SKIN dermatovenerologist are always needed. Before the first procedure, we will have a thorough discussion related to the treatment. The laser treatment of congenital vascular malformations at the SKIN centre is safe and effective. After the procedure, you should avoid exposure to the sun or use an appropriate sunscreen (SPF 30+).


  • Laser removal of a congenital vascular malformation in adults, up to 10 cm – EUR 200

Laser removal of a congenital vascular malformation in adults, above 10 cm – to be announced




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