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Protuberances on the skin – removal

After the age of 20, most people develop various skin growths. Only a thorough examination with a dermatoscope will determine whether they are benign. Before removing any skin growth, it is recommended that they are examined by a dermatovenerologist. If they assess that the growth could be malignant, they will perform a biopsy and a histological confirmation.

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izrastki na koziLet them be examined by a specialist

Potentially malignant skin growths may be removed only with surgical resection followed by a histological examination. A histological examination is performed under a microscope by a pathohistologist, who will examine the skin lesion and determine its nature.

On the other hand, benign growths may be aesthetically or functionally unpleasant. At the SKIN centre, we remove them using the radiofrequency method, which helps to achieve the best aesthetic results possible. A rapidly alternating electric current provides local heating to the tissue, giving the doctor a high level of selectivity, control and precision. It is the best method for minor procedures with minimal side effects. The procedure is painless, quick and usually does not need to be repeated.

We employ various techniques to perform:

  • Removal of skin spots –  Some people find many skin spots quite unpleasant, so they decide to have them removed, especially the spots on the face, and the ones protruding above the skin surface. Sometimes skin spots are in such places of the body that they are irritating; for instance, when shaving, or if they rub against the underwear. In this way, the removal of a skin spot may for some people also mean the removal of the protuberance which irritates them.
  • Removal of the soft fibroma – they are stem-like skin changes in skin colour and appearance; in most cases they are found in the area of the neck and armpits. Their removal is quick.
  • Removal of old age warts – seborrheic keratosis – they refer to skin changes which begin to appear after the age of 30, in most cases on the body, but also elsewhere.


  • Radiofrequency removal (non-surgical) of birthmarks, age warts and other types of warts:
    • face EUR 70,
    • torso EUR 50
  • Removal of soft fibromas (tiny growths in the armpits and on the neck):
    • for one EUR 15 ,
    • for five EUR 60,
    • for ten fibromas EUR 100
  • Surgical resection of a birthmark:
    • trunk and extremities EUR 250,
    • face EUR 350
  • Histological examination of the resected birthmark:
    • minor EUR 60,
    • medium EUR 75,
    • major EUR 90

*the price does not include the examination




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