is not only a teenage problem

Acne is a disease that is quite common in adolescence, but it also often occurs in adults. Besides the negative effect that it may have on the self-image, acne can also leave scars, which remain in adulthood. Since treatment options to remove acne scars are often quite exacting, it is recommended to see a dermatologist who will select a suitable treatment that will lead to healthy skin.

Acne is treated with special prescription creams or tablets. Many people worry about the side effects of these medications, so they might prefer to have their acne removed by laser treatment or with an appropriate peeling treatment, in which case side effects are quite rare.

Your first appointment with the dermatologist will be an interview, so that the doctor can then, depending on your skin, advise you on the best suitable and personalised therapy, including the cosmetic products you should use or how to remove any scars that you already have.

laser treatment

The laser is a new method in acne treatment, which works in two modes. The first one heats the oil glands in the skin to make the gland contract and begin to produce smaller quantities of sebum. The other method acts on the acne, which occurs due to the excessive growth of particular bacteria that are caught in the hair follicles without oxygen, which in turn, causes inflammation. The laser opens the pores as much as to provide them with sufficient oxygen, thus exterminating the bacteria and stopping the inflammation.

The majority of patients do not perceive the laser removal of acne as being painful. The treatment may only cause minor discomfort. After the therapy only a mild redness may be visible, which disappears from after a few hours up to a few days. The effects are usually visible after the second or third therapy. The removal of acne using a laser at the SKIN Centre is safe and effective. After the therapy you should avoid the sun or you can use a suitable sunscreen with a protective factor (SPF 30+).


Surface peeling is an effective method for improving the overall appearance of your skin . After the peeling, the complexion is glowing and fresh, and the acne will dissipate. For surface peeling we usually use natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in various concentrations, which are gradually increased in concentration.

Skin peeling treatment normally results in a slight burning sensation in the area where the peeling was performed and the skin is a little redder, but it regenerates within a few days. For the best result, treatment should be repeated several times.


A highly effective method for treating mild acne is applying suitable cosmetic products recommended by your dermatologist to suit your skin. These medical cosmetic products contain special substances which encourage exfoliation of dead skin cells that clog up pores, but still manage to hydrate your skin and improve the overall appearance of acneic skin. It is especially important that you use appropriate soap which rinses away all the traces of pollutants, sweat and other substances that accumulate on your face during the day as the face is greatly exposed to external environmental factors.





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