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Laser treatment is a new method to treat acne. It acts in two ways. First, it heats up the sebaceous glands in the skin, which makes them shrink and produce less sebum. Secondly, it works on acne, which develops due to the excessive growth of specific bacteria that get trapped in a hair follicle without oxygen, resulting in inflammation. A laser opens up the pores, so that oxygen, which kills the bacteria and stops the inflammation, can gain access.

Laser treatment of acne is usually painless, but may cause some discomfort. Only slight redness is present after the therapy, which subsides within a few hours to a few days. The effects can usually be seen after the second or third treatment. Laser treatment of acne at the SKIN centre is safe and effective. After the procedure, you should avoid exposure to the sun or use an appropriate sunscreen (SPF 30+).


  • Laser treatment of acne, face –EUR 60
  • Laser treatment of acne, cleavage –EUR 60
  • Laser treatment of acne, back –EUR 80




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