When the redness stops

For many people, excessive redness on the cheeks or face is aesthetically unpleasant. It often appears due to a skin condition called rosacea. Laser treatment works effectively on the redness. It is the only therapy that reduces facial redness as well as other symptoms of rosacea and the tiny blood vessels that are often present along the nose or on the cheeks.

At the SKIN centre, we take a comprehensive approach to the treatment of redness using lasers. The procedure is quick and you might feel a burning sensation at the site of the laser treatment. Usually, the redness is more intense for a few days following the procedure, but it subsides quickly and you can go back to work the next day after the treatment. Laser treatment of facial redness at the SKIN centre is safe and effective. After the procedure, you should avoid sun exposure or use an appropriate sunscreen (SPF 30+).

What causes rosacea?

While the exact cause of rosacea is not known, there are several theories about why it appears. We know that facial blood vessels in people suffering from rosacea spread quicker, which causes increased blood flow in the tiny facial veins near the skin’s surface, so the skin looks red. Later, bumps and tiny pimples appear. We also know that people with rosacea have more sensitive and drier skin and more often a different ratio of mites on the skin compared to people who do not suffer from rosacea.

Is rosacea contagious?

No. Some antibiotics are sometimes used to treat rosacea because of their anti-inflammatory properties and not because we would want them to act on particular bacteria.

Does rosacea worsen with age?

We cannot predict how rosacea will evolve because it is different with every individual, but we have noticed that in the majority of patients who are not treated, the condition gradually worsens.

How long will you suffer from rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic disease, which is characterized by improvement and aggravation stages. There are no medicines to cure it, but there are medications or laser therapy available, which will mitigate the condition.

Is rosacea accompanied by a burning feeling on the skin, frequent blushing and itching of the face?

This may occur. However, these problems themselves do not indicate that you have rosacea. You should first let yourself be examined by a dermatologist, who will make a diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Do people with rosacea frequently have dry skin?

It has been found that approximately half of the patients with rosacea have dry skin. Your dermatologist will recommend you the creams that you should use if you suffer from rosacea.

I have been taking pills for the treatment of rosacea for some time and I have noticed that I have less bumps and smaller pimples, but the tiny veins on the face are more visible.

The medications used to treat rosacea have an anti-inflammatory effect, so they reduce the appearance of bumps and little pimples. They also slightly reduce the redness of the face, so the tiny veins are more clearly visible. The blood vessels on the face are removed by using a capillary laser.

What aggravates the problems with rosacea?

Rosacea is aggravated with sun exposure, stress, hot or cold weather, wind, alcohol, spicy food and certain cosmetic products. Your dermatologist will give you advice on which creams you should use and which products you should avoid.


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