A comprehensive approach to redness
At first, rosacea manifests itself as a transitory redness of the face, which then becomes chronic. Additional signs of rosacea are tiny blood vessels across the face (telangiectasia), inflammatory pustules and acne, the tendency to blush and a changed quality of nasal skin. The skin is usually more sensitive and more dehydrated due to the impaired skin barrier. It is most frequent in fair-skinned people who get sunburnt easily. It can be hereditary or may result from excessive exposure to the sun.

The early stages of rosacea are treated with prescription pharmaceutical creams or in more severe cases with prescription tablets, but these only act on the inflamed pustules and acne rather than facial redness or visible blood vessels. Laser treatment is highly effective, safe and painless, and you will likely only feel a minor discomfort during the procedure. The laser acts on all the symptoms of rosacea, including facial rednessvisible blood vessels, pustules and acne.

At the SKIN centre, you can choose between different methods for treating rosacea. At the initial examination, we will advise you on the right care for your skin, recommend the treatment that is right for you and tell you to avoid exposure to the sun.




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