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Lasers are used to remove various skin lesions such as hairsmall blood vessels on the face or in the legs, facial rednesspigment spots, and to treat acne and other malformations.

A laser produces a light beam with a single wavelength acting on a specific target, giving it an advantage over for example, an IPL instrument, which produces dispersed light beams with various wavelengths. A specific laser can thus be used for a specific skin lesion, which is then eliminated without damaging the skin surface. Adverse effects or burns near the lesion are, therefore, not likely.

Because you might feel a burning sensation during the treatment on the area in focus, we use an effective cooling system which reduces the unpleasant sensation. The pain occurs more rarely, it is not intense and it is only present during the treatment. After laser treatment, no visible wound can usually be visible on the treated area, only redness or minor swelling.

The procedure is complex, so extensive medical expertise is required to achieve the desired effects. Our SKIN specialists possess such expertise. Before the first procedure at the SKIN centre, we will explain all the possibilities of the treatment with a laser, as well as how long the procedure takes and what you should pay attention after the procedure.

At the SKIN centre, we are proud to have brought state-of-the-art lasers made by the American company Cynosure to Slovenia. They are highly reliable, accurate and safe. They are used by the most prestigious clinics all over the world.




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