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Skin peeling is a natural process used to remove dead and damaged cells from the surface of the skin. Advanced medical peels and techniques that are highly efficient and safe when supervised by a doctor that have been practiced for the last few decades, have enabled stimulation of this natural process of the skin .

Medical peels can be superficial, medium or deep, depending jon the extent we want to chemically remodel the skin. In a controlled manner, a peel “damages” the skin up to a pre-determined depth, enhancing its resurfacing and the formation of new layers with improved surface properties. Superficial peels act in the epidermis, medium peels between the papillary and the reticular dermis, while deep peels reach down to the median reticular dermis.

They are mostly used on facial and neck skin, but can also be applied on the hands. Their effect depends on the agent used, its concentration and the application technique. Each agent has typical characteristics and peels the skin in its own way. In the long term, regular peels prevent the appearance of various irregularities and contribute to a youthful appearance.

At the SKIN centre, we perform superficial and medium peels using state-of-the-art techniques. First, we will analyse your skin and, depending on its type and your expectations, we will select the most suitable medical peel. The procedure is painless and quick and the first favourable results can be seen after two weeks.




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