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Ageing is a process caused by many factors that contribute to the formation of wrinkles. But the wrinkles are not the only thing that makes us look old. Pigment spots (solar lentigo), dilated blood vessels, excessive redness and the loss of radiance also age our appearance.

Younger people tend to have firm and radiant skin without wrinkles, but as we age wrinkles  eventually appear. At first, they are only visible when we move our face as they are caused by the muscles which are located right under the skin.  But, ageing brings progressive damage to collagen and elastic fibres and collagen gets more and more dispersed and its production is reduced, so our skin becomes thinner. With the loss and degradation of collagen and elastic fibres, the skin loses its elasticity. Wrinkles that were previously visible only during movement can now also be seen when we don’t move our facial muscles. In the next phase, wrinkles cover most of the face and various substances that make our skin less attractive, accumulate in the dermis. With ageing, the subcutaneous fat from several facial regions is reduced and redistributed and the facial volume and youthful look slowly disappear.

There are several reasons why wrinkles develop; it might be due to skin injuries following excessive exposure to the sun, loss of elasticity, repetitive subcutaneous muscle motion or changes in facial volume caused by fat redistribution as well as bone and cartilage resorption. Exposure to the sun is one of the most common factors of ageing. The skin colour changes, pigment spots appear, the skin thickens and telangiectasia (tiny blood vessels) develops, so elasticity is lost. There are several things you can do to preserve your youthful look such as protecting your skin from excess sun exposure, quitting smoking, engaging in physical activity, enjoying a healthy diet and avoiding stress.

The SKIN centre offers advanced procedures that will bring you a more youthful appearance. We always take the time to discuss your wishes and expectations, so that we can set goals collaboratively.





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