Not only teenagers have it
Acne is a disease that commonly occurs during puberty. In addition to a negative impact on our self-esteem, acne might leave many scars that will remain visible into adulthood. Scar-removing procedures are highly demanding, so treating acne under a dermatologist’s supervision is essential to preserve a healthy skin.

Pores contain sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which is key to the normal development and appearance of the skin. Teenagers produce increased quantities of specific hormones, which stimulate the action of the sebaceous glands. When the pores become overfilled with sebum, waste cells and bacteria, acne will develop. The walls of the pores become damaged, resulting in inflammation, redness and acne. If the inflammation is deep, larger cysts may appear.

Acne can be treated with prescription creams or tablets. However, very good results can be achieved using lasers, with only rare adverse effects. In addition, superficial medical peels help manage the symptoms of acne effectively and improve the skin’s appearance. During the procedure, the doctor applies a mild chemical solution to the skin, which helps to unblock the pores and remove the dead cells and comedones. Chemical peels also stimulate skin resurfacing. For the best results, peels should be repeated a few times.

At the SKIN centre, you can choose between several methods for treating acne. We always take the time for an in-depth discussion with you, so that we can find the method which is most suitable for you.




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